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Now available packaged with our NEW French-English Dictionary of Medical Abbreviations, Acronyms & Eponyms

Dictionary of Medicine
by S.P. Djordjević, MA, PhD/abd
ISBN: 978-0-9764480-3-7

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Fourth Edition, 2012, Available on CD only
  • with English–French Glossary
  • 119, 000 terms in all areas of medicine
  • 12,782 acronyms and abbreviations
  • 14,225 eponyms
  • 1,440 proprietary drugs
  • 2,200 adverbial phrases
  • thousands of terms dealing with social services, psychiatry and biotechnology

Editorial Review, Fourth edition

    Overall coverage of the third edition was already excellent, and the improvements to be found in this edition only serve to cement the work's well-deserved position on the desk of serious French<>English medical translators around the world.

Eric S. Bullington for The ATA Chronicle
Read the complete The ATA Chronicle review.
First published in The ATA Chronicle, February 2013.
© Eric S. Bullington and American Translators Association.
Reprinted with permission.

Editorial Review, Third edition

    ...I found this to be a very useful work, and one I am happy to add to my resources as an extremely valuable addition to references in this language combination.

Pamela Gilbert-Snyder for The ATA Chronicle
Read the complete The ATA Chronicle review.
First published in The ATA Chronicle, November/December 2009.
© Pamela Gilbert-Snyder and American Translators Association.
Reprinted with permission.

Preface to the 4th Edition

    With over 5200 new entries, the current edition of the Dictionary of Medicine French–English contains close to 119,000 French medical terms.
    The whole text was revised again, and the mistakes, mostly misplaced words and typographical errors, were corrected. In addition, in order to save space the previous editions had numerous French eponyms with a single name (e.g. Gengou, Jonkers, Moon, etc.) referenced elsewhere (Bordet-Gengou, réaction de, Waardenburg-Jonkers, dystrophie cornéenne de, Laurence-Moon-Berdet-Biedl, syndrome de — respectively), for their English equivalents. All of these eponyms are now provided with their English meanings where they are, so the user of this electronic dictionary will not have to go to a different file to find the meaning of that particular entry.

Banning, Ca
June 2012

Preface to the 3rd Edition

    This edition of the Dictionary of Medicine French–English, appearing in CD format only, contains close to 113,000 French terms, 5000 of which are new. Furthermore, there are about 600 additional eponyms and 200 abbreviations. Corrections have been made in a few cases where mostly typographical errors were made, and main entries and plural forms are shown in brown.

Banning, Ca
December 2008

Preface to the 2nd Edition

    Two of the world's leading languages of medicine are English and French. New medical terminology in both English and French appears every year at an accelerated rate. The need for a current one-volume comprehensive French/English medical dictionary has been felt by many in English and French speaking countries, including medical writers, editors, translators, researchers, physicians, and others. While no one dictionary can cover everything in a field as vast and rapidly-evolving as medicine, the need for a major reference tool that covers most of the field is clear. With this in mind, the present volume—by far the most extensive of its kind—was launched in the first year of the new century. It sold out in less than three years, has been fully revised, and it is now issued in its second edition.
    The largest number of close to108,000 terms covered by this dictionary are in the fields of clinical and laboratory medicine. Other subject areas are: social services (social security and health insurance), biochemistry, biotechnology (genetics, enzymology, cell engineering, and AIDS research), as well as psychiatry and psychology. This dictionary is the result of three decades of meticulous compilation, classification, and elucidation of actual medical documents, rather than theoretical research. It reflects the reality of the medical field in both cultures.

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