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French–English Dictionary of
Social Security Terms
by S.P. Djordjević, MA, PhD/abd
ISBN: 978-0-9764480-7-5 (CD)

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This dictionary is available only on CD. The compiler of the dictionary collected social security terms used in Canada, Belgium, France and Switzerland. Another source of the terms found in this dictionary were monolingual and bilingual forms from these countries dealing with various aspects of social security, such as employment, banking, business, education, family relationships, law, retirement and taxes.

Since the majority of applicants for U.S. Social Security benefits come from Canada, and in particular from the province of Québec, this dictionary reflects that fact by the preponderance of terms coming from that country.

The volume contains 9,718 terms subdivided as follows:

  • 790 main entries
  • 8,129 subentries
  • 799 abbreviations

Format of the files on the CD
The CD contains the following:

General instructions for the use of the CD.


  • Preface
  • How to Search PDF Files
This page contains a way to search each letter found in the dictionary [Lexicon].

Contains the alphabetical listing of the terms.

The sections in the Book have been bookmarked to make searching for specific information and terms more efficient. These bookmarks open with the sections. Any word appearing in the sections may be searched.

What you need to know about the CD before making your purchase:

Adobe Reader® is needed to open the files.

The files are in pdf format. Adobe Reader® 7 or above will open them. The Reader® may be downloaded for free from the Adobe website at: Adobe Reader® is also available for other operating systems such Macintosh, Linux. and Solaris at

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