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S.P. Djordjević's
Serbian and Croatian–English
Medical Dictionary
ISBN: 978-0-97644-800-6

Author's Statement

I have spent several decades as a medical translator from Slavic languages and French into English, and I am keenly aware of the lack of adequate multilingual medical references catering to translators of Serbian, Croatian, and English. For a long time now there has been a need for a new and comprehensive medical dictionary in these languages. It is for that reason that I decided to compile my thirty-plus years of working notes and publish this dictionary, which will eventually be supplemented by an English into Serbian volume.

Having spent most of my professional life as a translator of mainly clinical medicine and paramedicine, I have concentrated my efforts in these particular areas. However, other branches of medicine are also represented, such as emergency medicine, molecular biology, genetics, embryology, and organ transplant. This dictionary also includes terms from the fields of psychiatry, psychology, dentistry, and even social services. I have also included some proprietary drugs.

Because many terms have different and multiple meanings not only in English but also in Serbian and Croatian, I have included a number of definitions in the target language for clarification. These English-language definitions are taken mostly from standard medical references, especially Stedman's Medical Dictionary (mainly the 26th edition), Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary (mainly the 18th edition) and Dorland's Medical Dictionary (mainly the 30th edition), and I wish to thank Williams and Wilkins (Baltimore), F.A. Davis Company (Philadelphia) and W.B. Saunders Co. (Philadelphia), publishers of Stedman's, Taber's and Dorland's, respectively. The use of definitions in English is a unique contribution to medical lexicography in this language pair.

—S.P. Djordjević, MA, PhD/abd

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